Silvester Krčméry

Portrait of Silvester Krčméry

Silvester Krčméry

Silvester Krčméry, Sr., was born in Trnava on August 5, 1924. He spent his childhood and youth in Banská Bystrica where he completed his secondary education in 1942.

He then studied at the Medical Faculty in Bratislava, continued in Paris (with practical work in Morocco), and finished in Prague, where he graduated from Charles University in 1948. In 1949, he began work as a dermatologist in Košice.

He was highly influenced by Professor Kolakovič whom he had met in 1943. Later, he and Vladimír Jukl became part of the so-called Kolakovič “Family”, working at spreading the Gospel in Slovakia and the Czech lands.

He organized the evangelization of students, especially medical students in prague, and workers in the border regions in the Czech lands, mainly in the Dioces of Litoměřice.

In 1951, during his basic military service, he was arrested for lay apostolate activities. He was in interrogation imprisonment for three years, and on June 24, 1954, was convicted of treason by the military court in Trenčín and sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He spent these years in various prisons (Banska Bystrica, Mírov, Ostrov nad Ohří) and in concentration labor camps.

After his release, in 1964, he worked in Bratislava for twenty years as a doctor and specialist in radiodiagnostics.

From the time of his release, he and some friends renewed their apostolate work in the former Czechoslovakia within the framework of the “underground church,” and he and Vladimír Jukl founded “Fatima,” a secular institute of which Dr. Krčméry was the first director.

He has constantly worked for the evangelization of students, apprentices, drug addicts, alcoholics, the homeless, and prisoners.

He continued his work from his home in Bratislava.

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