Portrait of Thomas P. Sweetser

Thomas P. Sweetser, SJ is the founder and current director of the Parish Evaluation Project. He has taught at the Institute of Pastoral Studies, a department of Loyola University of Chicago, at the University of Dayton in Ohio, Boston College, University of Seattle, Retreats International, and Loyola University in New Orleans. He is the author of numerous books on renewal and health of parish life. His articles have appeared in America, National Catholic Reporter, Commonweal, Chicago Studies, Today's Parish, Human Development, Review of Ignatian Spirituality, and Church.

Fr. Sweetser was educated in both sociology and theology. He received an M.A. in sociology from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A. in theology from Loyola University in Chicago. He received his PhD from Chicago Theological Seminary in a program of study combining sociology, theology, and group process. Fr. Sweetser is a Jesuit priest of the Wisconsin province. His original home is Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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