Front Cover for When Faith Goes Viral

Where is the Catholic Church advancing, and why? Real, nitty-gritty stories of apostolic Catholic laity and clergy in the field from Siberia to Peru to U.S. college campuses. No hype, wishful thinking, or nostalgia—just real faith, spread by hard work.

Front Cover of Open Mind, Faithful Heart

Pope Francis connects with people, especially the young, the forgotten, and the forlorn. What is the source of his spiritual vitality? Find out here, in a book that offers a path for prayer and a guide for life.

The Pope Francis Resource Library

Front Cover for A Call To Serve

This thoughtful, vivid introduction to Pope Francis’ life and his promising future in the Vatican details the historic events surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, the subsequent election of Pope Francis, and the particulars of the new Pope’s spirituality and thought.

Front Cover for Politicizing the Bible

Penetrating the pretense of objectivity often presented in secular studies, Hahn and Wiker bring to light the appropriation of scripture by politically motivated interests and trace the lineage of today’s theological approaches to the power-mongering of the late Middle ages.

Front Cover for The Virtues We Need Again

An enthusiastic advocate for the edifying effects of reading, Mitchell Kalpakgian looks at the admirable qualities of mankind through the perspective of the great characters of Western literature. Find out how fiction informs and inspires fact in this enlightening work.

Front Cover for Quest for the Creed

Exploring the startling statements that the Apostles’ creed makes about the nature of God, man, and the universe, this guide reveals the challenge and paradoxical beauty of a Christian cornerstone. A fresh, appealing examination of an often overlooked prayer.

Front Cover for New Voices in Catholic Theology

Former students of professor Michael J. Buckley, share essays that are informed and inspired by the theologian’s teachings and attentive mentoring. Emerging from a vibrant intellectual community of prayer and scholarship, the work continues the theological conversation that Buckley initiated.

Catholics today face a barrage of puzzling questions about their faith and their Church. This bracingly funny, achingly honest look at what the Church really teaches—and what it doesn’t—takes on the toughest objections moderns raise to Catholic faith.


Front Cover for Time Management for Catholics

Dave Durand, Relevant Radio host and personal leadership expert shows how putting God at the center of your life will help you discover your mission, establish priorities, and avoid burnout. Free up you time for what really matters with this useful guide.

 Why We Venerate the Saints

In a careful biblical, historical, and systematic study of the ancient and enduring tradition of veneration of saints, Patricia Sullivan illuminates the compelling and transformative roles of the saints in the lives of individuals and in the life of the Church.