Intimacy with God

Founder of the Centering Prayer movement and bestselling author Thomas Keating offers an introduction to Centering Prayer and explores the roots and development of the practice as well as addressing the unfolding process of integrating contemplation into a daily routine.

Front Cover of Inculturation and the Church in North America

This fourth volume of the Church in the 21st Century series discusses the relation between Catholic faith and the secular culture.

Front Cover of In the Circle of Mysteries

A theologian renowned for his powerful storytelling abilities and his original thinking offers this comprehensive survey of Catholic doctrines and beliefs, synthesizing them into a cohesive and clear narrative that is accessible to a lay audience.

Front Cover for I Believe in the Holy Spirit

A rare and comprehensive treatment of the Church’s understanding of the Spirit and the working of the Spirit in the life of the Church, by one of the great Roman Catholic theologians of the 20th century.

Front Cover for Broken Trust

This Catholic Press Award-winner tells the personal stories of sexual abuse perpetrators and survivors in the Catholic church. The authors offer an informative context for these complex and devastating stories and point the way toward the possibility of healing.

Front cover for The Bible Companion

This readable and inviting introduction presupposes no specialized knowledge and opens the door to a friendly and personal relationship with scripture. Witherup's overview and history of the Bible is informative and enlightening—an excellent companion when striking up a relationship with the Good Book.

Front Cover for Bernard Of Clairvaux

Conceived during the religious renewal of medieval monasticism, the sensual and vibrant theology of Bernard of Clairvaux still speaks to our times. Tamburello’s narrative explores the themes of the saint’s work to achieve a vivid and inspiring portrait of the radical mystic.

Front Cover of Belonging to God

An action plan for revitalizing your spiritual life by applying the insights of great saints like Francis de Sales to life’s everyday challenges. Faithful, prudent, practical, this guide condenses centuries of wisdom and tradition into a few clear, readable pages.

Front Cover for The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine, Whiskey & Song

National bestseller! An intelligent and church-loving vade mecum to the Catholic faith that explains the difference between God and vodka, and why Benedictines make the best beer. With games, rollicking drinking songs, and food and cocktail recipes.

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Front Cover for The Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living

Deepen your family’s love for the holy days and saints of the Church—and laugh yourself silly—with this zany, slightly irreverent but thoroughly faithful book that will spice up your calendar with parties, recipes, and fun.

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