Life, Justice, Dignity

Front Cover of Love Without Calculation

When on a sabbatical in Tahiti, a renowned religious thinker took a break from the scholarly works, libraries, and footnotes to write about the core of Catholic faith—that God poured himself out into the beauty of creation. The result is this colorful, heartfelt, and evocative book that promises to become a classic of religious literature.

Front Cover of The Little Monk

An international bestseller, The Little Monk, offers nuggets of wisdom—little aphorisms that reveal great truths. Sometimes surprising or humorous and always down-to-earth, Madeleine Delbrel’s classic will lend strength to the faithful and bring joy and perspective to the weary.

The Life God Wants You to Have

One of the country's leading Christian counselors shares real-life accounts of people who endured devastating financial, emotional, and professional setbacks and explains how his systematic FAITH-based plan enabled them to survive and thrive through hard times.

Front Cover for Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, a spiritual discipline practiced for more than a thousand years, has undergone a recent resurgence in popularity. Father Pennington introduces the method of contemplative listening that opens us to an experience of God's presence through the sacred scriptures.

Front Cover of The Law and the New Testament

A rich and accessible treatment of what the Mosaic Law means for Christians today: to what extent do Christians remain bound by the Law and to what extent have they been freed from its strictures?

Job and the Mystery of Suffering

Richard Rohr plumbs the depths of the Job's story to reveal its relevance for us today. This important book shows how the tension between suffering and faith can be a powerful means to an authentic connection with the divine.

Front Cover of In the Stillness You Will Know

Popular spirituality writer Barbara Fiand is back with a moving book inspired by the death of her dearest friend and soul mate. Shadowed by grief, Fiand uses her friend's untimely passing as the starting point for ponderings about the nature of hope and the solace that comes from the beauty of nature speaking to us.

Front Cover for Building Self-Esteem in Children

A classic in the field of fostering emotional well-being in children, this practical and profound guide is an invaluable asset for teachers, parents, and counselors of children. Learn to give the love and perspective that make all the difference.

Front Cover of Building Self-Esteem

We are called to humility, but self-contempt or crippling self-doubt are something else entirely. Learn the difference, and learn how to overcome scrupulosity, heal the scars of trauma, and embrace the full life Christ wants for you.

Front Cover for Beyond The Mirror

Henri Nouwen’s near fatal accident sparked a revelation. His transformative experience of unconditional love at the portal of death and his understanding of the events before and after his accident inspire us to embrace our vital connection to God.