Front Cover of An American Conversion

Author Deal Hudson, a key conservative activist and literary scholar, recounts his personal story of spiritual search, sin and repentance, and conversion to Catholicism. This intimate, often funny narrative will resonate with anyone seeking to reconcile faith, reason, and beauty.

Front Cover for Awaken to Your Own Call

A leading interpreter of A Course in Miracles presents a comprehensive introduction to its principles. This thoughtful guide to a modern spiritual classic explains every major term and offers applications of the Course’s wisdom to everyday life.

Front Cover for Availability

Robert Wicks invites us to bring Christ’s teaching of welcome and openness into our lives.  Become more available to God, yourself, and others and seize opportunities for growth that will enhance the clarity and self-awareness of your approach to life.

Front Cover of How's My Kid Doing?

Get the answers to today’s most anxiety-provoking questions about children’s elementary school experience in this helpful resource.

Front Cover for The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine, Whiskey & Song

National bestseller! An intelligent and church-loving vade mecum to the Catholic faith that explains the difference between God and vodka, and why Benedictines make the best beer. With games, rollicking drinking songs, and food and cocktail recipes.

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Front cover for The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times

A new classic, this groundbreaking book by esteemed pastor and teacher Fr. Dean Brackley shines the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola on the social and spiritual crises of our era to lend hope and heart to our difficult times.

The Catechist's Magic Kit

This creative tool for Catholic instructors teaches the fundamental pillars of the Catholic faith through 80 enchanting magic tricks. Captivate kids’ interest and instill lifelong lessons with the first and only book on the Catholic catechism that brings the wonder of magic into the classroom.

Front Cover for Awakenings

Thomas Keating is well known to thousands of Christians through his pioneering efforts as a founder of the Centering Prayer movement. In Awakenings, he invites the reader to surrender to the Gospels, and experience their transforming power.