For Theology & Church

God’s Reign & the End of Empires

In this profound and enlightening book, theologian Antonio Gonzalez analyzes the nature of global empires since the time of Babylon. 

Called to Freedom

Meynet makes available in both English and Spanish his series on Biblical Rhetoric, a unique method of textual interpretation applied to important themes in the biblical and Semitic world.

Front cover of The Remaining Challenges of the Second Vatican Council for the 21st Century

This book looks at the outcome of the Second Vatican Council 50 years after its conclusion. The main question that the book answers is, "what can we learn from this epochal assembly  today and for the rest of the 21st century?"

Front Cover of Women, Celibacy and the Church

Celibacy isn't just for priests and nuns—it’s for every unmarried Christian. This scholarly Protestant study unfolds a rich Christian theology of the single life. Learn how the gift of self, reserved for God, can fill a life with meaning.

Front Cover for Understanding Catholic Morality

Being a disciple of Christ means more than accepting a list of doctrines or set of rules. It means conforming one’s mind, heart, and life to the model of Jesus, and relying on him for support in living it out.

Front cover of The Girard Reader

“Girard’s understanding of mimetic rivalry and conflict and of the scapegoat are among the most profound intellectual discoveries of our time…”—Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers

Front Cover of Faith in History and Society

This now classic book presented on the 30th anniversary of its first appearance is universally acknowledged as the great classic of Metz's remarkable career, and indeed of all political theology. It is presented here in a new translation with an extensive study guide for readers and teachers.

Front cover for The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart

Meister Eckhart’s complete mystical teachings together in one volume, for the first time! With a foreword by leading Eckhart scholar Bernard McGinn, and the elegant translation of Maurice O'C Walshe, this comprehensive and authoritative work is a treasure for every serious spiritual seeker, and the finest volume on Eckhart ever to appear in English.

Front Cover for Catholic Q&A

Father John J. Dietzen addresses nearly every topic imaginable in this compellingly readable compendium of fascinating questions and answers from his weekly column. From practical concerns to theological intricacies—Dietzen explains Catholic doctrine and clarifies issues with wisdom, compassion, and insight.

Front Cover for The Mysteries of Christianity

Fr. Matthias Joseph Scheeben, a renowned neoscholastic German theologian, presents a vast modern synthesis of theology, and expounds upon the great underlying unity of the Christian mysteries.