Front Cover of Genetics, Theology and Ethics

Catholic Press Association Award-winner.  From a team of the world’s leading bioethicists, a collection of popular and scholarly essays on the challenges of bioethics in our world today. Topics include stem cell research, cloning, economic challenges, and society’s common good.

A page-by-page explanation of Rahner's masterwork, The Foundations of Christian Faith, that clarifies the meaning of and interconnections between the book’s 368 sections and subsections. With topic, name, and Bible indices to help beginning theology students and scholars alike navigate the Rahnerian “basic course.”

Front Cover for Evil

This book explores the nature of evil in religious and psychological terms and looks at the devil in folklore and the Bible.

Front Cover of The Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things

In a series of three small books, Pierre-Marie Emonet brings the riches of philosophy within the reach of all, not just those with the time and inclination to work through erudite philosophical treatises.

Front Cover of Confucian Spirituality: Volume Two

Confucius sometimes called the Aristotle of China, reformed Chinese society with his wisdom. This second volume of Confucian spirituality explores how that tradition developed and is relevant today—for instance to questions of ecology and sustainable living.

Front Cover for Confucian Spirituality: Volume One

For centuries, millions have looked to Confucius for wisdom on ethics and politics. This scholarly volume offers the deeper spiritual insights of that tradition to the ordinary reader in accessible terms. Volume I covers the history and rituals of Confucianism.

Front Cover for The Mystical Element of Religion

Using St. Catherine and her friends as illustrative examples, Friedrich von Hügel develops his well-known analysis of the three basic elements of religion: the institutional, the intellectual, and the mystical.

Front Cover for The Mystery of the Supernatural

Originally published in French in 1965, this work develops the core thesis that Henri de Lubac put forward many years earlier in a bold and controversial work in which he first called into question the idea of "pure nature."

Front Cover of And the Flesh Became Word

How does belief in Christ the Word affect how we use words? What are the hopes and hazards of writing for young adults as a Christian author? These and other intriguing questions animate these lively essays by a celebrated novelist.