Front cover Contemplation and Community

"All around the world a resurgence of Christian contemplative living is creating a new framework for spirituality inside and outside of formal religion. Building on and expanding from the thoughts and works of such as Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Tilden Edwards, Laurence Freeman, and other founding members of the modern contemplative movement, a new movement carries on the work of their mentors. 

Social Vision

Social Vision is a breakthrough work of scholarship by Professor Philip Wexler, a leading sociologist and expert on education. Wexler distills Schneerson’s voluminous public teachings, letters, and private conversations to make his ideas accessible to the general reader, and demonstrates the enduring relevance of Schneerson’s teachings to the manifold crises of modern life, politics, and culture.

Paul writes his letter to the Philippians referencing two related forms of persecution. The Christians of Philippi are experiencing persecution by the Roman authorities who govern the Philippi.

Un sacerdote diferente

Albert Vanhoye begins with an overall scan of the text’s structure (which, he notes, takes a homiletic form more than that of a letter) and then provides a section-by-section analysis, noting the rhetorical styles and concluding with a substantial section on the interpretation and meaning of the segment.

Sorprendidos por la esperanza

According to N.T. Wright, many believers, if confronted with the question of where they will go when they die, would give the wrong answer. The correct answer is not heaven. In this book, award winning author N.T. Wright addresses hope for the future and how it is deeply related to how we live today.

Llamados a la libertad

Llamados a la Libertad from Roland Meynet’s series on Biblical rhetoric presents a unique method of textual interpretation.

La Alegría del Evangelio en los Estados Unidos

El catolicismo en los Estados Unidos en el siglo XXI será definido por la pasión y el compromiso de todos los bautizados que acepten la invitación a dar testimonio de su fe en Jesucristo. Por siglos, un sinnúmero de católicos de muchas partes del mundo construyó comunidades y mantuvo viva la fe prácticamente en toda esquina de este país.

In this book Vergote presents a psychological, anthropological, and religious analysis of contemporary humanity. He considers the human being to be a personal being in relationship, endowed with language and a profound yearning for happiness, capable of loving and offering himself to others; 

Hombres de la comunidad

Over the centuries, the crisis in ordained ministry has not been exclusively about the problem of celibacy, even though that is important and discussed here. The crisis is, above all, a crisis of “mission” identity.

El Dios de la intemperie

In these two essays brought together for the first time in a single edition, the famous poet and essayist Armando Rojas offers us a stroll through the great questions about life, God and the religious experience in the modern world.  He speaks to the spiritual dimension of life in light of literature and one’s own inner journey.