Knowledgeable, Universal, Prophetic

Front Cover of 2016 Herder & Herder Book Catalog

We promote reading as a time-tested discipline for focus and enlightenment.
We help authors shape, clarify, write, and effectively promote their ideas.
We conceive, create, and distribute books.
Our expertise and passion is to provide healthy spiritual nourishment in written form.

Dear Author, Theologian, Friend,
We are happy to be with you at the 2016 annual conference of the Catholic Theological Society of America. In an effort to revive the Herder & Herder imprint, it is our goal to be in touch with as many of you as we can, and hear out where you are and what you need. The Herder name is closely linked with Catholic Theology, and we intend to continue serving your needs best we can.
This catalog offers you a glimpse into our program, and we hope it can be a conversation starter towards shaping our future book lists.
We wish you a fruitful conference, enriching encounters with your colleagues, and not least a sunny time in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Gwendolin Herder


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