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Contact Us

At The Crossroad Publishing Company we are lucky to be working with wonderful, highly professional and experienced team members and partners. Below is the main contact information for ordering our books, submitting a manuscript, or requesting review copies, rights and permissions, or to order a catalog. We appreciate your feedback, and should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Order Books

To order books please e-mail our distributor at or call 1-800-888-4741. You can also find more information about us and search our books at the Independent Publishers Group’s Web site at

Submit a Manuscript

Please e-mail your proposal to and include your name, address, credentials, any endorsements you may have supporting your work, an outline, table of contents, and at least one full chapter. For more information please look at our For Authors page.

Special Orders and Large Quantities

To request special discounts for large, full carton quantities of books please e-mail with detailed information, including your organization’s name, the purpose of your purchase, title information (title, author, ISBN), and the quantity you want to order.

Request a Review Copy

We are pleased to offer complimentary review copies to journalists and broadcasters at certified media outlets. To request a review copy please e-mail and include your name, your organization’s name, the purpose of the review copy, and the title, author, and ISBN of the title requested.

Request a Desk Copy

We are pleased to provide complimentary examination copies to professors who wish to review titles for classroom use with an expected enrollment of 10 or more students. We also offer complimentary desk copies to professors who have already adopted a title for classes with an expected enrollment of 10 or more students. There is a $5.00 postage and handling charge for every examination and desk copy ordered. For desk copies please visit

Request a Catalog

To request a copy please e-mail and include your name, your organization’s name. Please allow at least two weeks for shipment. 

Help Us Promote

You can help us promote our books or your own materials/products through our advertising program. Please contact   

Foreign Rights

For all inquiries regarding foreign rights please e-mail Please include your full contact information, the title of the book you are looking for, the territory/language you are interested in, and your financial offer.


For all permissions to reprint excerpts from our books please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at or visit the Web site at For republication requests please e-mail

Contact Our Office

To reach our office please e-mail or call 845-517-0180, ext. 403.