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A Journal of Christian Spirituality and Practical Theology

Situated in the unique social location of South Texas, within the diverse and overlapping Spanish- and English- Speaking cultures and contexts, Offerings is committed to publishing academic works that illuminate and give meaning to the spiritual life lived in the particularities of everyday.

By featuring both established and emerging scholars, Offerings will provide a forum for an engaging dialogue among readers and authors that is rooted in the Christian traditions and gives voice to rich and wide-ranging expressions of human life, particularly the experiences of historically excluded and under represented peoples and communties.

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A Journal to Promote Holistic Christian Spirituality

Teleios is the journal published by the Teleios Society, which promotes holistic spirituality in the lives of disciples of Jesus. It is produced by members of Stone-Campbell movement of churches, a Protestant reform movement that grew out of the Second Great Awakening in early nineteenth-century America.

Teleios is a Greek word meaning, mature, whole, complete, or perfect. The Apostle Paul used this word to state his purpose for writing to the churches in Colossae, Laodicea, and Heirapolis, “It is he (Christ) whom we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature (teleios) in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). This verse serves as the mission statement of the Teleios Society and the Teleios Journal.


  • publishes peer-reviewed articles for the advancement of scholarship in schools, churches, leaders, and members in the Stone-Campbell movement

  • encourages holistic spiritual growth and provides material for maturation within the churches of this movement

  • builds bridges between the various branches of the Stone-Campbell movement, and

  • promotes holistic spirituality.

 Teleios is published biannually (winter and summer). Its readership includes the academy and both leaders and members of churches within the Stone-Campbell movement and beyond. The content of the journal includes peer-reviewed, scholarly articles, as well as articles for the general reader. It also contains publish photography, poems, essays, short fiction, and book reviews.


Edited by G. Steve Kinnard, General Editor

Teleios (Print)
ISSN 2694-0949

Teleios (Electronic)
ISSN 2694-0957


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