Anti-Catholicism in America

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Front Cover of Anti-Catholicism in America

Anti-Catholicism in America

The Last Acceptable Prejudice

From the Progressivist left to the fundamentalist right, many American Protestants have viewed Catholics with deep hostility over the centuries. This readable history looks for the roots of prejudice in profound differences of worldview and worship.

In this authoritative work, Fr. Mark Massa, S.J., program director of Fordham University's Center for American Catholic Studies, reveals how American Catholics have been misunderstood by outsiders. This book tells the astonishing story of how a supposedly tolerant American culture has mistrusted and caricatured members of the U.S.’s largest religious group. Instead of playing the “victim card” on behalf of Catholics, Massa attempts to understand the roots of the mutual mistrust between Catholics and Protestants in America, many of which lie in profound theological and organizational differences—in how each group views symbols, sacraments, community, individuality, and authority. This paperback reissue includes a new, detailed study guide for use in classrooms or parishes.

Reviews and endorsements

What a fine book it is, not only for what it clearly and accurately says, but also for what it suggests about living a Catholic spiritual life that is wise and informed, avid and vigorous.
Review for Religious Magazine


"A thoughtful and witty analysis."
National Catholic Reporter


"Highly recommended."

"A brilliant new study.
James Martin, author of In Good Company


"An explosion of creative insight"
Andrew Greeley

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