Bearing the Weight of Salvation

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Bearing the Weight of Salvation

The Soteriology of Ignacio Ellacuría

This thorough discussion of theologian and martyr Ignacio Ellacuría's perspectives on Christian discipleship explores the nature of Christian salvation, known as soteriology, and its relationship to Christian action. A careful analysis of liberation theology and the impact of Ellacuría’s theological legacy.

“Lee penetrates the significance that Ellacuría assigns to salvation in history. He helps us to see that the profound immersion in historical reality of Ellacuría’s thought and life is owed precisely to that role that Ellacuría attributes to the transcendence of God the liberator. In the midst of the difficult situation of conflict in his country, where he decided to live (and die), Ellacuría was able to nourish the hope of a crucified people, as he said. According to Paul Ricoeur, theology is born of the intersection between a space of experience and a horizon of hope. The keen, mature analysis of Michael Lee, which expounds a complex system of thought with great clarity, places the theology of Ignacio Ellacuría in that perspective.”
—from the foreword by Gustavo Gutiérrez

Reviews and endorsements

"This book has numerous virtues, perhaps foremost among them that of making a difficult author, whose work has not been fully translated, accessible to an Anglophone readership . . .[It] will richly reward anyone interested in what the next generation of liberation theologians, in Latin and North America, will look like."
J. Matthew Ashley, associate professor, department of theology, University of Notre Dame

Paperback / 256 pages
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