Becoming Ageless

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Front cover of Becoming Ageless

Becoming Ageless

Harvest Time Can Maximize Health, Happiness and Spiritual Wellness

This book is intended to provide hope and inspiration, not despari and depressing feelings, often associated with the aging process.  Each chapter is carefully designed to present the reader with the realities of life that can diffuse impending fears and offer courage and the potential faith in a loving God.

Reviews and endorsements

By nature or divine design humans make several physical and emotional transitions in their lives. Some of these transitions are most difficult, for they require changes of lifestyle and responsibilities. In this book, Dr. Kalellis offers practical yet serious thoughts for the transition process to help readers cope with their own aging issues and in their later years have a better life." — Theodore Kalmoukos, The National Herald

Paperback / 152 pages
Dimensions: 6x9