A Brief Introduction to Karl Rahner

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A Brief Introduction to Karl Rahner

Karen Kilby has successfully taken the difficult and obscure work of Karl Rahner and presented it in a clear, fascinating way that explains the man and his religious quest.

KARL RAHNER: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION, in which the pope’s important but obscure work is presented in a clear fascinating way that explains the man and his religious quest.

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  1. Introduction
  2. God and Humanity
  3. Christ and Grace
  4. The Church and the World
  5. Sacraments and Symbols
  6. Philosophy and Rahner’s Theology
  7. Spirituality and Rahner’s Theology
  8. Rahner the Dilettante
  9. Rahner the Man


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Reviews and endorsements

“Lucid, perceptive, thickly textured, theologically rich, and refreshingly concise – Kilby’s presentation of Rahner’s theology is a must for students of Rahner, be they first-year seminarians or senior theologians. I have taught her book for years and I still learn something new from it every time I return – its brilliant reading.”
Serene Jones, Yale Divinity School


“Karen Kilby’s book will be invaluable to teachers and students because of its lucid, learned, and penetrating understanding of one of the most important theologians of the twentieth century.  It is the best single slim volume on Rahner that I know.”
Gavin ‘D’Costa, University of Bristol


‘Although Karl Rahner is considered one of the most difficult of twentieth-century theologians, he believed, as Dr. Kilby tells u, that the whole point of his theology is to bring out the unity and simplicity of Christian faith.  In this beautifully lucid and sympathetic study, she has managed marvelously to render the character and key elements of his thought accessible to the general reader.'
Nicholas Lash, Professor Emeritus of Divinity University of Cambridge


“Karen Kilby’s book is an imaginative, clear and succinct work.  It offers many illustrative and accessible analogies which I have found invaluable in communicating important aspects of Rahner’s thought to students.”
Philip Caldwelll, Ushaw College, Durham


‘I have never come across a more useful tool in presenting Rahner to undergraduates than Kilby’s book. It is a model of succinctness and precision but, far more importantly, it succeeds in accurately identifying and unpacking the key to Rahner’s thought in a very reader-friendly way.’
Eamonn Mulcahy, Missionary Institute, London


“This is an excellent book, very useful for students and one of the clearest introductions to Rahner.”
John McDade, Principal of Heythrop College, London

Paperback / 128 pages
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8

Christian Theology, Religion