Dear Heart, Come Home

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Front Cover of Dear Heart Come Home

Dear Heart, Come Home

The Path of Midlife Spirituality

Joyce Rupp shares her own midlife journey—its ups and downs—with honesty and insight that will support and inspire other seekers looking to deepen their spiritual lives.

A feast for the spirit! Topics include:

  • Finding wisdom in the wounds we've carried from birth onward and healing these wounds
  • Letting go of regret to free up life energy
  • The loving part of us winning over the hating part
  • Discovering surprises of beauty and talent within ourselves
  • Knowing God and embarking on a faith quest that enlivens and simplifies
Reviews and endorsements

"Because Joyce Rupp monitors her spiritual health, she can give insights into inner growth. As preparation for this book she kept a journal and, in hindsight, noted the changes and growth challenges of midlife. Rupp lives in a religious community with other sisters of faith.

Lest her experiences would seem limited, she draws examples from the spiritual growth experiences expressed by others, many of them lay persons handling the fracas of Western society and family life. The whole, experiences and insights, is rich with symbolism and ripe for reflection."
Ruth Hoover Seitz, Provident Book Finder


"Dear Heart Come Home: The Path of Midlife Spirituality . . . by Joyce Rupp is directed at those who want to come to a deeper appreciation of Spirit and self. The author of five books including Praying Our Goodbyes, presents musings, poems, and vignettes from her journal as she considers inner work, the dark night of the soul, grief, prayer, transformation, healing, and hope. In each of these chapters, Rupp comes up with images that go to the heart of what she is considering. This sensitive author has the great gift of reading the spiritual meaning of her own experience. Dear Heart, Come Home is tailor-made for middle agers who are intent upon intensifying their spiritual journey."
Frederic A. Brussat, Values & Vision Reviews

Dear Heart Come Home is an act of pure poetic kindness on Joyce Rupp’s part. In sharing personally, she helps us become more gentle with ourselves and others, and more intimate with God. It is unique—filled with warmth yet at the same time practical and challenging. Classic Rupp!"
Robert J. Wicks, author of Seeds of Sensitivity


“How refreshing it is to read of the treasures awaiting us in the unvisited depths of the second half of life. Joyce Rupp avoids the pessimism so prevalent in the coping-with-midlife books and instead invites us into the exciting adventure of being alive and living our true selves—at last!"
Dolores Curran, author of Traits of a Healthy Family


“I admire Joyce Rupp’s book enormously. Don’t just read this book—work, walk, play, and pray it!”
L. Patrick Carroll, S.J., co-author of Chaos or Creation: Spirituality in Mid-Life


“A book of wisdom for our midlife journeys! With her usual warmth and poignant vulnerability, Joyce Rupp lures us into the deepening places of our lives. Sharing her own diverse pathways, she encourages us to trust the many paths that lead us home to our own true self.”
Macrina Wiederkehr, author of The Song of the Seed

Paperback / 208 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9