Dictionary of Popes and the Papacy

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Front Cover for Dictionary of Popes and the Papacy

Dictionary of Popes and the Papacy

Encyclopedia of Theology and Church

This first installment of the Encyclopedia of Theology and Church is the definitive one-volume reference on popes, the papacy, and the Vatican. Part one covers every pope and antipope; part two discusses the institutions of the Vatican and the papacy.

This comprehensive compendium of information on popes and the papacy, from the internationally acclaimed Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche (Encyclopedia of Theology and Church), provides concise and illuminating entries on all the bishops of Rome—popes as well as antipopes—from Peter to the present.

A peerless reference, this authoritative work also offers updated entries on the institutions of the papacy and the Vatican, including their history and administration.

Reviews and endorsements

“Gratitude to the editors of this impressive volume and to its many contributors. It contains a wealth of information about the papacy. No other work like it exists in English. Highly recommended.”
Patrick Granfield, The Catholic University of America

Hardcover / 256 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 10