Dictionary of the Reformation

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Front Cover for the Dictionary of the Reformation

Dictionary of the Reformation

This second installment of the Encyclopedia of Theology and Church covers every important aspect of the Reformation, including the major Protestant branches, developments in England, and the causes of the counter-Reformation in the Catholic Church. Entries include biographies, theological issues, and historical sketches.

This brilliant one-volume reference from the internationally acclaimed Encyclopedia of Theology and Church contains over 600 entries on the important figures, concepts, events, and developments in the Protestant and Catholic Reformations. The time period discussed extends from the close of the 15th century to the late 16th century and the publication of the Book of Concord.

Contents include:

  • A timeline of important events
  • Introductions to influential texts and events
  • Biographical sketches of the major figures of the Reformation, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and the popes and rulers of the period
  • Explanations of the dominant theological questions, such as law and scripture, and justification by faith
Hardcover / 384 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 10