Discernment and Truth

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Front Cover of Discernment and Truth

Discernment and Truth

The Spirituality and Theology of Knowledge

Discernment and Truth is a series of extended meditations on discernment in the Christian life. Each chapter investigates the way thinkers, writers, and theologians from the Christian tradition have grappled with the questions surrounding discernment.

Woven throughout the book are key themes central to Christian discernment, including the corporate character of the Christian life, the distinction between practice and theory, and the centrality of the Trinity. McIntosh brings a high degree of scholarly rigor to the study, as well as drawing the reader ever more deeply into the mystery that, while eluding all attempts at formal comprehension, is central to Christian life.

This volume also includes study questions for private reading and classroom use.

Reviews and endorsements

“In these days, when questions regarding what constitutes Christian truth and how it is discerned seem to abound, this book is indeed timely. The book makes plain that discernment of truth, be it personal or communal, takes us beyond intellection into the realm of God’s love, which is the ground of all knowing.”
The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold, presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church in the United States

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