A Faith That Makes Sense

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A Faith That Makes Sense

Reflections for Peace, Purpose, and Joy

This collection of reflections is aimed at helping people grow in their sense of peace, purpose, and joy. The simple, one to two-page readings present elements common to many faiths and provide profound material for contemplation and meditation.

People have finally figured out that things, and a purely worldly life, are simply not enough. They are looking for something deeper, something spiritual; they are looking for God. The problem is, so many people talk about spiritual things, all of them seem sure, but they contradict one another. This has left the modern person feeling a little helpless about what to believe.


To free us from being at the mercy of the last person who had our ear, God wrote the truth into our nature. It is there to be seen by anyone who knows where to look. It will be seen if it is explained so that it makes sense, so that a person can see it for him or herself. Such is the purpose of A Faith That Makes Sense. With Cormier's guidance you will find that not only does faith make sense, but it offers a peace, purpose, and joy almost too wonderful for words.

Paperback / 240 pages
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