Finding Our Voices

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Front Cover of Finding Our Voices

Finding Our Voices

Women, Wisdom, and Faith

Wise faith," Patricia Killen writes, "is not the faith of little girls or of male-defined women . . . I believe it is what most women who remain within the Christian denominations seek: a faith that creatively confronts the death-dealing and the life-giving aspects in our Christian heritage, that finds healthy and nurturing ways to reconceive and relate to that tradition, and that uncovers possibilities for fuller life."

Insightful reflection questions and exercises at the end of each chapter invite individuals or small groups to make that journey. Patricia Killen provides a feast for the minds and spirits of the women whose lives she touches.

Reviews and endorsements

The author confronts the love/hate relationship many women have with the church and encourages the reader to walk deeply into that simultaneous hunger for God and disillusionment with their religious heritage. Particularly helpful are the authentic voices of women whom the author has met. The book also poses questions and suggestions for further thinking and activity that are frank, insightful, inviting, and move toward spiritual discernment. This book accomplishes what it sets out to do: accompany women on a journey toward their own faithful wisdom.
Catholic Journal

Paperback / 160 pages
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