Forty Years Since My Last Confession

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Front Cover of Forty Years Since My Last Confession

Forty Years Since My Last Confession

The third in the Crosssroad series of Catholic memoirs is a richly poetic, intuitive, interior story of how one woman, a bright and headstrong seeker of spiritual truth, began to find her way back to the Catholic faith of her childhood.

A raw, emotionally honest account by a widely acclaimed poet and writing teacher of her loss of youthful faith, and her fitful journey back to belief. Her travels take through a childhood Catholic education, years spent among Quakers, immersion in literary studies and creation, a divorce and the birth of her child—then her initially tentative return to a church that was immersed in turmoil, change, and controversy. The author’s intellectual and spiritual struggle for growth and healing is a microcosm of the challenges faced by many contemporary thinking people hungry for faith.

Reviews and endorsements

“This is a wonderfully evocative, beautifully written book about the loss and recovery of religious roots, specifically Roman Catholic roots. A great read.”
William A. Barry, S.J., author of Letting God Come Close

Paperback / 189 pages
Dimensions: 5.52 x 8.14