Foundations of an African Ethic

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Front cover for Foundations of an African Ethic

Foundations of an African Ethic

Beyond the Universal Claims of Western Morality

In this groundbreaking book, Bénézet Bujo, a leading voice in African Christian theology, offers an informed critique of Western moral theology and lays the theoretical groundwork for a new African ethic. 

This timely contribution to African theology will be of special interest to students of religion, comparative and non-Western philosophy, anthropology, and African studies, as well as those intrigued by ongoing debates about universal ethical norms.

By skillfully drawing on themes from African life such as marriage, therapy, and art, Bujo exposes the shortcomings of the philosophical anthropology implicit in Western ethics, comparing Western theories of natural law, discourse ethics, and communitarianism with the African emphasis on community and remembrance. He then considers whether African ethics can account for central Western values such as autonomy, freedom, and individual identity. Finally, he discusses how African ethics both challenge the Church and contribute to its richness, suggesting that an African palaver ethic can integrate the best features of communitarianism and discourse ethics.

Paperback / 232 pages