From Religion Back to Faith

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From Religion Back to Faith

A Journey of the Heart

Sister Barbara Fiand shows us that as seekers we need to move beyond the rigid and self-serving answers many religious systems perpetuate to embrace the unfolding enunciation of spirit and love each other as extensions of God's love.

Is the world a better place because we believe?
Whom does religion serve?
Does our religion give us all the knowledge we need?

Sister Barbara Fiand delves into these questions, whetting our hunger to know God and be transformed by faith. Discover how spiritual yearning, a longing for something more, can enflame faith so that religion resonates with inspiration and the truth of the soul's quest.

Topics include:

  • Primordial faith
  • Contemporary alienation among Christians
  • Symbol and metaphor
  • Power and a domination-free order
  • Holistic and feminist spirituality
  • The weak and the strong
  • Welcome for the stranger
  • Inclusion
  • Mercy and forgiveness
  • Christ’s radical love
  • Community
  • Incorporating the past
  • Thought as energy
  • Consciousness and light
  • Meditation
Reviews and endorsements

“All of us have a lot to learn from the way our world truly is, as science is showing us. From Religion Back to Faith will lead us to a much deeper retrieval of faith relevant to today's honest concerns.”
—Michael Crosby, author of Can Religious Life Be Prophetic?

Paperback / 200 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4