Gift of the Red Bird

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Gift of the Red Bird

The Story of a Divine Encounter

This heartrending  account of D’Arcy’s struggle with faith after the loss of her daughter and husband has strengthened and uplifted readers across America and the world. Walk with this great author, and learn as she did, to trust the ever-present divine.

Written in the form of journal entries, D'Arcy's book is a vulnerable and honest account of her struggle to regain her footing and find meaning after tragedy. D'Arcy finds that even after she is able to resume the activities of her life, connecting to her real purpose demands that she change her normal habits and way of being and love God before all else.

Her thoughts unfold in simple scenes and moments of reflection. We see D'Arcy immediately before and after the accident. We witness the birth of her daughter who survived the car accident in her mother's womb. We observe D'Arcy's struggle with illness, her decision to live differently, and her three-day vision quest and fast in the wilderness.

D'Arcy's fierce yearning to be truly open to the guidance of God and to let go of any obstacles that come between herself and the divine have fortified many readers with the hope that they too can know God and be free. 

Reviews and endorsements

When she was only 27 years old, tragedy struck Paula D’Arcy’s life, when an accident took the life of her husband and her daughter, leaving Paula a young, pregnant widow. She gave birth the following spring and began a profound journey of grief and spiritual discovery, beautifully chronicled in this deceptively simple book. The Gift of the Red Bird is suffused with nature mysticism in the best sense of the word, culminating with a vision-quest retreat in the Texas wilderness, nearly fourteen years after the accident. D’Arcy understands that spiritual writing ultimately tells a love story between the author and God, and she does so beautifully in this short but rich book, filled with longing, insight and wildness. When the author emerges from the wilderness and writes that she has been changed, we the readers can feel it — and perhaps we have been changed as well.

Carl McColman, Silence Today

“I was deeply moved by this beautiful true story, and you will be too.”
Madeleine L’Engle


“I would recommend this book by Paula D’Arcy to anyone on a spiritual journey; it is a poignant and vivid account.”
J. Keith Miller, bestselling author of A Taste of New Wine and What to Do with the Rest of Your Life


“A story full of hope, reminding us not only of our need to learn and relearn certain truths, but of God’s patience in guiding us.”
Spiritual Books News


“A story particularly useful for anyone whose spiritual beliefs have been challenged or eroded by the untimely death of a loved one.”
Common Boundary


“To say that Gift of the Red Bird moved me deeply seems inadequate. I wept for its beauty, pain, and joy. It is a powerful testimony to how the Divine woos the soul into a sacred embrace . . .”
Joyce Rupp, author of The Cosmic Dance and Your Sorrow Is My Sorrow

Paperback / 152 pages
Dimensions: 5 1/8 x 7 1/2