God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts!

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God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts!

Making Peace with Difficult People

Full of faith-filled answers to everyday challenges, God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts will show you how psychological health and Christian faith go hand in hand.

Your spouse is driving you crazy, your kids are misbehaving, and the boss is just plain insane. Some days it seems they are everywhere—people intent on making your life miserable. Try as you might, you can't escape them. If you are a Christian, you understand that no matter how much anger and frustration you feel, you must respond to people with the virtues of faith, hope, and love. But how can you do this when people don't reciprocate with kind actions? How can you begin to answer the call to love others—all others—as God loves us?

Dr. Greg Popcak's practical, humorous, and informative book, draws from years of personal and professional experience to help you bring acceptance and love to yourself and your relationships. His advice integrates cutting-edge psychology, case studies, specific techniques, and healing principles to help you:

  • Bring about positive change in your relationships
  • Deal with self-destructive people who refuse to change
  • Set limits without hurting others
  • Love yourself as Christ loves you
Reviews and endorsements

“We all talk about the people in our lives who make us want to tear our hair out, but nobody has any clue what to do with them. Greg Popcak is a wonderful antidote to this problem, sharing a wealth of insights and solid wisdom.”
Mark P. Shea, Making Sense out of Scripture

Paperback / 160 pages
Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.8