God Seen in the Mirror of the World

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Front Cover of God Seen in the Mirror of the World

God Seen in the Mirror of the World

An Introduction to the Philosophy of God

Fr. Emonet completes his "metaphysical trilogy" with its pivotal component: the present study of the being of things and of God.

Pierre-Marie Emonet brings the riches of philosophy within reach of all, not just those with the time and inclination to work through erudite philosophical treatises. The thinking of a philosopher and theologian is here presented in the language of a poet, as the author invites us to join him as he seeks to explain the relations of our world to God and God to our world.

Reviews and endorsements

"With the elegance that only poetry can inspire, Fr. Emonet takes us from the roots of the principal metaphysical notions as they arise in our ordinary experience and its language through the human soul, spirit, and person, through the poverty of creatures to the richness of God their source. Remarkably, he makes these reflections accessible to attentive readers without diminishing either their depth or their glory."
Kenneth L. Schmitz, University of Toronto


"This series of books by Pierre-Marie Emonet is an excellent resource, for it provides the essentials of the philosophical background necessary for the study of theology."
Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna


"a . . . remarkable and highly recommended achievement, unique of its kind as far as I am aware, by a talented philosopher with the rare gift of making clear the meaning and relevance of philosophy to life to the ordinary intelligent reader . . . also a delight, for the most part, for the professional philosopher himself."
W. Norris Clarke

Paperback / 152 pages
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