God's Ecstasy

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Front Cover of God's Ecstasy

God's Ecstasy

The Creation of a Self-Creating World

A book on science for Christians, Bruteau's work explores the beauty and complexity of God's creation through physical and biological systems. She describes the diversified, interactive wholeness of the universe and shows the relevance of every life and atom in the holy Oneness of being.

Bruteau explains that we are in the hands of a dynamic, living God and that the changing flows of the world—the movement of evolution, fluctuations of life and death, and even the motion of objects or atoms—are part of a trend of towards increasing consciousness and manifestations of divine creativity.

Discover how the Big Bang theory relates to Christianity and find your place in the cosmos: the unfolding reality of an eternally interactive and self-organizing God.


The Contemplative and the Cosmos
A Renewed Sense of the Sacred
Living Together in Wholeness
Moving and Growing
Religious Metaphors
The Incarnation and the Theotokos

God as Person-Community
God as the Ultimate Ground of Being
God as Person, God as Love
Persons Must Exist in Community
The Self-Creating Community

The Incarnation and the Nature of Finitude
The Theocosmic Exegete
The Child of the Trinity
The Nature of Finitude
Relations among Discrete Beings
Individuals, Interactions, and Emergents
Scarcity and Competition
The Value of the Finite

The Self-Creating Universe: Pathway to the Stars
Problems of the Origin
The Cosmic Parameters
The Big Bang
Problems and Proposals
The Inflation Scenario
The Phase Transitions
The Free Lunch
On to the Stars!

The Cosmos as God’s Ecstasy

The Self-Creating Universe: Pathway to Life
Symbiotic Chemistry
Bond Formation
Molecules for Life: Sugars, Nucleic Acids, and Proteins
Self-Assembly and Autocatalysis
The Magic Circle
The Code and the Cell

The Evolution of Evolution
The First Cells
Bacteria Rule the World
The Great Oxygen Poisoning and the Eukaryotic Cell
The Origin of Sex
Sexual Strategies
Selection and Adaptation
Endless Innovation and the Gene Wars
Modular Assembly, Junk DNA, and Toolboxes

The Self-Creating Universe: Pathway to Consciousness
The Value of Sensation
The Neuron and Its Assemblies
We Talk to Each Other
What Is Consciousness?
Explanations, Primitives, and Incarnation

Theotokos: The Ecstasy of the Cosmos as God
Memes in the Darwin Machine
The Evolution of Evil
The Moral Era
The Ecstasy of the Theotokos
Cosmic Incarnational Mysticism


Index of Names

Index of Subjects

Reviews and endorsements

“I know scarely anybody who goes to the heart of reality as profoundly as Beatrice Bruteau does.”
—Bede Griffiths


“Beatrice Bruteau’s vision of life is original, profound, and life-affirming.”
—Ewert Cousins, author of Christ of the 21st Century

/ 202 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9

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