God's Kinde Love

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Front Cover God's Kinde Love

God's Kinde Love

Julian of Norwich's Vernacular Theology of Grace

God's Kinde Love is the first first full-scale study of Julian of Norwich's doctrine of grace. The thesis of the book is that Julian of Norwich developed a sophisticated, multifaceted doctrine of grace that reflected a profound knowledge of the theological tradition;

 at the same time, Julian resisted the dominant theological tradition and its established socio-political alignments, and she offered instead a new theological paradigm: that of 'God's kinde love.' Through a close reading of the Long Text, Lamm identifies three distinctive, interrelated facets of Julian's doctrine of grace. Julian's theological brilliance and artistry comes through as she develops these three facets by means of kinetic imagery that Julian develops thematically.

Hardcover / 410 pages
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