Grammars of Resurrection

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Grammars of Resurrection

A Christian Theology of Presence and Absence

This is a brilliant and original study of the doctrine of the Resurrection, incorporating much of the history of modern Christology, but set out in a fresh, remarkably elegant form by a young Catholic theologian. This work is likely to be at the center of theological discussion for years to come.

Best Book of the Year Award from the College Theology Society

First Place Award for Best Book in Theology from the Catholic Press Association

Catholic Book Award for First-time Author

What kind of “event” occurred on Easter morning? What led to the stunning affirmation among Jesus’ earliest followers.  “He is risen: he is not here”? And how does the paradoxical relationship between “presence” and “absence” in that affirmation shape Christian imagination, discourse, and practice?

While much recent scholarship has focused primarily on the historical circumstances giving rise to resurrection faith, Grammars of Resurrection offers a strikingly original and comprehensive examination of what such faith means once embraced. Brian Robinette, associate professor of theology at St. Louis University, examines issues related to textual analysis, history, memory, embodiment, violence, forgiveness, aesthetic, and spirituality to provide an unusually rich account of this central Christian affirmation.

Reviews and endorsements

“Brian Robinette provides here a penetrating analysis of the 'saturated phenomenon' of the resurrection of Jesus and its salvific implications for the life-long pursuit of justice, forgiveness, and divinization. He offers in this work a valuable illustration of characteristics of a new generation of theologians—engaging contrasting schools of theology without polarizing polemics; exploring phenomenological, historical, and textual issues in a post-foundationalist, confessional manner; and confronting postmodern topics concerning the gift and body, identity and power. Robinette does the leg work and heavy lifting required of solid theological research and presents his findings with the flair of a skilled writer. That he is willing to learn from Rahner and Balthasar, Schillbeeckx and Marion about the mystery of the resurrection is truly significant, that he seeks to bring together the wisdom of Sobrino and Girard is profound.”
Bradford Hinze, professor of theology, Fordham University


"Brian Robinette brings together a stimulatingly wide range of reading and insight as he offers us a genuinely rich and dense account of Christ's Resurrection and the way it opens out human understanding towards a re-imagination of Creation and of God's beauty. In addition, the clarity and sober excitement with which he writes will surely attract readers into the vision he so compellingly spells out."
James Alison, author of Faith Beyond Resentment and The Joy of Being Wrong


"By any standards, Grammars of Resurrection is a truly excellent book. For a first book it is quite simply remarkable. It will, I predict, establish Robinette as one of the best Catholic theologians of his generation. It demonstrates the workings of a powerfully synthetic theological mind, offers a brilliant defense of the reality of the resurrection while drawing attention to its systemically paradoxical character, possesses a clear sense of the relation between resurrection and other important topoi not only in Christology but also theological anthropology, evinces a comprehensive knowledge of the secondary literature both biblical and theological, shows complete ease with a broad swathe of philosophical conceptualities, and finally displays as pleasing a writing style as one is likely to find in a contemporary theologian."
Cyril O'Regan, professor of theology, Notre Dame University

Paperback / 456 pages
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