Grief Keeping

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Grief Keeping

Learning How Long Grief Takes

A major figure in the field of grief work, Harold Ivan Smith researches the impact and power of the grief process in the lives of past U.S. presidents and their families as well as other notable figures in American culture.

No one, not the rich nor the powerful, can avoid the universal human experience of death. Smith uses true stories and anecdotes from history to illustrate how grief has affected and even changed the course of political life at the highest levels.

Smith offers insight on how we understand the deeper dynamics of grief processes and how our culture can find a more honest and humane way to honor the profound experience of loss and grief that affects us all.

This guide will prove a great asset for pastors, priests, ministers, psychotherapists, grief counselors, and teachers.

Reviews and endorsements

“A brilliant, insightful volume, eloquently written, GriefKeeping is replete with engaging stories that bring wisdom and understanding to loss, pain, and ultimate renewal.”
Rabbi Earl A. Grollman D.H.L., D.D., author of Living When A Loved One Has Died


"With impressive descriptions, GriefKeeping serves to connect the griever’s present experience with the past experiences of others. By doing so, it places grief into a broader social context emphasizing that we are all part of the same human family, coping with an experience that is an inevitable part of life whether we are 'ordinary folks' or presidents and presidents’ wives."
Betty Davis, professor of nursing and noted thanatologist at the University of California at San Francisco

Paperback / 256 pages
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