The Heart of the World

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The Heart of the World

An Introduction to Contemplative Christianity

Beloved author, Thomas Keating helps us find the nourishment, fulfillment, and divine respite of interior silence. As fresh and vibrant today as ever, this illuminating work draws us towards an intimate understanding of the contemplative center of Christianity.

Many Christians have left their faith to learn meditation or seek a transcendent experience in Eastern religions, not realizing that the Christian heritage offers a wealth of traditional contemplative practices. Thomas Keating reveals the heart of inner silence within the Christian faith and offers a path toward a healing quiet, a tender closeness with the divine.

In this timeless classic, Keating discusses the contemplative aspects of Christian themes such as sacrifice, redemption, salvation, faith, and prayer. He also explains how practices such as Lectio Divina clear the mind of the hectic busyness of everyday life and help prepare the heart for profound listening to the divine within.

Of special benefit for those looking to find deeper meaning in the Christian faith.

Paperback / 100 pages
Dimensions: 5 1/8 x 7 1/2

Religion, Spirituality, Meditations