How to Read the Apocalypse

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How to Read the Apocalypse

An addition to the Crossroad Adult Christian Formation Program, this lucid introduction to the biblical book of Revelation is enhanced with drawings, charts, and illustrations.

Prévost shares five keys for understanding the Book of Revelation and applies them to well-known chapters of the Apocalypse to offer accessible and informative interpretations.

Reviews and endorsements

"Jean-Pierre Prévost’s How to Read the Apocalypse is superbly written: it takes a large and complex body of scholarly material and synthesizes it into a readily digestible format. It counters simplistic and alarmist fundamentalist readings of the book of Revelation while presenting valuable historical information and explaining esoteric literary symbols. It is a perfect text for the typical parish study group because it is guaranteed to provide copious amounts of information while offending absolutely no one."
Jeff Dietrich, Christian Century

Paperback / 128 pages
Dimensions: 8 x 9