How to Understand Islam

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How To Understand Islam

How to Understand Islam

Jacques Jomier presents the history of Islam—from Muhammad's birth in Mecca to modern-day Muslim practice. This introduction to the faith highlights commonalities and differences between Islam and Christianity and lays the groundwork for productive dialogue between religions.

A clear, readable description of the emergence, development, and expansion of Islam throughout its history, this enlightening volume also covers key tenets and laws of the faith and explains how they shape daily life for Muslims.

This book will help you to:

Discover the teachings of the Qu'uran.
Learn what Muslims believe about God, marriage, family, violence, and peace.
Comprehend the background and meaning of Ramadan and other festivals and traditions.
Understand the Five Pillars of Islam.
See where Islam and Christianity converge and where they differ.

Reviews and endorsements

“This is an excellent exposition of Islam from a Christian point of view for the purposes of constructive understanding Christian-Muslim dialogue.”
Journal of Ecumenical Studies


“Written from a Catholic vantage point and in a popular vein, Jomier’s work serves as a basic text on the religious aspects of the emergence and expansion of the Islamic Empire, Islamic dogma, and laws and practices of Islamic society . . . a quick introduction to a vast and complex subject.”
Library Journal


“Interesting readable new tool designed to help Christians move towards dialogue with Muslim community.  Puts focus on religious experience of Muslims (practices required by Islamic Law, devotion, daily piety, mystical literature), plus guideposts to dialogue:  What both faiths have in common, differences, history . . .”
Crux of the News

Paperback / 176 pages
Dimensions: 8 x 9

Islam, General, Religion & Theology