Humanidad del hombre, divinidad de Dios

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Humanidad del hombre, divinidad de Dios

In this book Vergote presents a psychological, anthropological, and religious analysis of contemporary humanity. He considers the human being to be a personal being in relationship, endowed with language and a profound yearning for happiness, capable of loving and offering himself to others; 

but at the same time, conscious of a divine mystery that transcends him and cannot be identified with precision. According to the writer, philosophical reason ignores the personal and personalizing God, but, in some way, prepares us for understanding him. Informed by some of the best studies on the subject, Vergote explores the historic figure of Jesus, at times giving him first-person voice as the Son of God and thus permitting the reader to relate more personally with the first disciples who, shortly after Jesus’ death, were convinced of his divine exaltation and founded the new monotheist community.

Paperback / 336 pages
Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 6