In the Circle of Mysteries

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Front Cover of In the Circle of Mysteries

In the Circle of Mysteries

The Coherence of Catholic Belief

A theologian renowned for his powerful storytelling abilities and his original thinking offers this comprehensive survey of Catholic doctrines and beliefs, synthesizing them into a cohesive and clear narrative that is accessible to a lay audience.

Questions such as How did the Church arrive at its teachings, and how, through every chapter of its history, did it grapple with alternatives and choose its path? are examined and answered. The origins and tenets of Christian belief are discussed, and the development of Christian and Catholic doctrine is explored. Weaving together history, scriptural studies, and systematic theology, this primer unites disparate elements of Catholic belief, dogma, and practice into an organic whole.

While various elements of the Catholic faith are familiar to everyone, many struggle to understand how the wide array of beliefs, dogmas, and practices relate to one another. In the Circle of Mysteries explains this connection. Fr. Bleichner, author of the influential study View from the Altar, faithfully draws from history, scriptural studies, and systematic theology to explain not only what Catholics believe but why they believe it.

Reviews and endorsements

"Fr. Bleichner’s work In the Circle of Mysteries presents a fresh synthesis of the Catholic faith, pulling together the central mysteries from a historical perspective in a way that is accessible to Catholics today.  Using Sacred Scripture, the documents of the Church, and the great theologians of history, Fr. Bleichner presents the faith as a systematic whole with the goal of leading the believer to an ever deeper act of faith. For anyone looking for an engaging and faithful presentation of the Catholic faith, In the Circle of Mysteries is a welcome and fresh contribution."
Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D., Archbishop of Washington


“Fr. Bleichner sets forth a symphony of salvation with clarity and depth. He shows that it all fits together into one breathtaking composition, a kind of theological fugue of which the Lord is both composer and performer. This work should be a source of inspiration for any serious believer or for anyone who longs to be a serious believer.”
Most Rev. Daniel E. Pilarczyk, Archbishop of Cincinnati

Paperback / 344 pages
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