Intimacy with God

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Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God

An Introduction to Centering Prayer

Founder of the Centering Prayer movement and bestselling author Thomas Keating offers an introduction to Centering Prayer and explores the roots and development of the practice as well as addressing the unfolding process of integrating contemplation into a daily routine.

A poetic and accessible introduction to Centering Prayer, this guide explains its origins, theological basis, and psychology by drawing on the writings of important Catholic figures, such as St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, and significant texts, such as The Cloud of Unknowing.

Describing the theological basis for the Centering Prayer while staying rooted in the heart of a practice that is very personal and intimate, the work explores how harmful attitudes and beliefs about God can distort a positive relationship with the divine. Keating draws parallels between Christian and Buddhist methods of contemplation and discusses the psychological barriers and levels of resistance that contemplatives must face. Readers are bolstered with supportive practices like Lectio Divina (holy reading) and praying the rosary.

Updated to include a new foreword, this revised edition of a much loved classic is sure to inspire a deeply intimate experience with God.

The following is from the introduction to Intimacy with God:

Centering Prayer is a method of prayer that comes out of the Christian tradition, principally The Cloud of Unknowing, by an anonymous fourteenth-century author, and St. John of the Cross. It brings us into the presence of God and thus fosters the contemplative attitudes of listening and receptivity. It is not contemplation in the strict sense, which in Catholic tradition has been regarded as a pure gift of the Spirit, but rather it is a preparation for contemplation by reducing the obstacles caused by the hyperactivity of our minds and of our lives.

Reviews and endorsements

“This is perhaps Keating’s most readable and enlightening work. Filled with insight and practical advice, it offers sound wisdom on the way that Centering Prayer can deepen our intimacy with God.”
Spiritual Book News


“Packed into this book is a treasury of spiritual history and teaching. There is a richness of complexity which is always disciplined by the simplicity of the goal of prayer—union (or intimacy) with God.”
St. Anthony Messenger


"For all those aspiring to a genuine spiritual life, Father Keating has charted a course that will take us progressively closer to our divine goal as we learn to touch God, first with the words of our lips, then with reflections of the mind and with the feelings of the heart."
Living Prayer

Paperback / 232 pages
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