As It Was in the Beginning

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As It Was in the Beginning

The Coming Democratization of the Catholic Church

Robert McClory, a Catholic journalist, scholar, and former priest brings a formidable array of research and scholarship to this inquiry into the development—past, present and future—of the hierarchy of power in the Catholic church.

What vision did Jesus have for the body of the church?
Did he give any specific indications?
How has the Catholic faith changed through the years?
How does the church of today relate to the directives of Jesus?
Where is the institution of the church heading?

McClory takes on these challenging questions and reveals that at its inception, the church was a fluid, communitarian, and participative organization. This foundation, though perhaps obscured and forgotten in current times, remains a defining and determining aspect of Christianity according to the author. McClory persuasively argues that the church is evolving to reclaim it's original guiding principles and is already inevitably moving towards greater democratization.

Essential reading for all interested in the identity and future of the “world’s greatest corporation.”

Reviews and endorsements

"Put As It Was in the Beginning at the top of your 'must read' list. It is engaging, informative, and provocative—especially important for those Catholics who need to find reasons not to exit the church."
William V. D'Antonio, coauthor of Voices of the Faithful


"This book is a model for the kind of debate the church needs, but too often avoids."
David Gibson, author of The Coming Catholic Church


"Robert McClory's book shows how what was in the beginning, but is not now, needs to be reclaimed and rejuvenated."
Michael H. Crosby, OFMCap., author of Can Religious Life Be Prophetic?

Paperback / 240 pages
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