Jesus in the Drama of Salvation

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Jesus in the Drama of Salvation

Toward a Biblical Doctrine of Redemption

A convincing scholarly picture of Jesus in relation to his Jewish historical context and to the beginnings of the Christian community. Schwager presents Jesus as the coherent message of God's salvation to humankind.

In this book Raymund Schwager surveys the church's christological tradition and proposes an understanding of Jesus that is informed by a conversation with the great theologians and spiritual leaders of the past and influenced by two contemporary pioneers in Christian thought: Hans Urs von Balthasar, known for his "theodramatic" approach, and René Girard, widely recognized for his mimetic scapegoat theory.

Reviews and endorsements

"The English version of Jesus im Heilsdrama: Entwurf einer biblischen Erlosungslehre (1990), this volume first considers Jesus in the context of paradox and drama, and then tells Jesus’s story in five 'acts': the dawning of the kingdom of God, the rejection of the kingdom of God and judgment, the bringer of salvation brought to judgment, the resurrection of the Son as judgment of the heavenly Father, and the Holy spirit and the new gathering. Finally it reflects on redemption as judgment and sacrifice, the revelation of the triune God in the redemption event, and the drama of Christian life. Schwager, professor of dogmatics and ecumenical theology at the University of Innsbruck, is also the author of Jesus of Nazareth: How He Understood His Life (1998)."
New Testament Abstracts

"By grounding this most powerful theology of the Cross in concrete human relations, Raymund Schwager makes supposedly hopeless Gospel passages meaningful in ways that are both intellectually compelling and religiously inspiring. A tremendous achievement!"
René Girard, Stanford University


"By holding in unwelcome focus the part played by violence in culture, Schwager is able to show forth the God of love behind the cross of Jesus in a manner so much more convincing and less pietistic than other such attempts as to constitute a new plateau of theological understanding."
Sebastian Moore, Downside Abbey

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