Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth

How He Understood His Life

This unique life of Jesus asks a new question: How did Jesus himself come to understand his life and experience his faith? An imaginative narrative grounded in scholarship, aimed at deepening the reader’s relationship with Christ.

Biblical scholarship, much as it has advanced our understanding of the process by which the New Testament was composed, has inadvertently made it harder for ordinary believers to see into the life and mind of Christ—for instance, by disputing the authenticity of Jesus’ statements, and applying a hermeneutic of suspicion to the Church’s assertions about him. This work by a German scholar thoroughly grounded in textual analysis takes a different tack, using the Church’s historic understanding of Jesus as the starting point for a meditation on his lifelong encounter with the Jewish revelation that came before him. This engaging work reads the New Testament closely in the light shed by the Hebrew bible, and will reward readers of varying religious traditions.

Reviews and endorsements

“Schwager offers us a daring picture of a Jesus who has a real understanding of what he is about. A gospel story emerges which nestles in, and recasts, passages and themes from the Hebrew Scriptures. The result is the literary equivalent of a Fra Angelico painting, full of gentle gravity and limpid light, a work which both holds you still and beckons you onward.”
James Alison, author of Raising Abel and The Joy of Being Wrong

Paperback / 192 pages
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