Jewish Spirituality (Volume I)

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Front Cover of Jewish Spirituality Vol I

Jewish Spirituality (Volume I)

From the Bible Through the Middle Ages

Part of the World Spirituality series, this is a wide-ranging, illustrated, scholarly treatment of core topics in Jewish spirituality from the earliest text references in Biblical times, through Second Temple Judaism and the Middle Ages.

A multivolume series with more than 500 contributing scholars worldwide, presenting the spiritual wisdom of the human race in its historical unfolding, from prehistoric times, through the major religions to the meeting of traditions at the present.

Reviews and endorsements

“A scintillating display of scholarship . . . This book is truly deserving of superlatives.”
The Christian Century


“A fine collection of original, insightful, and informative articles . . . [by] some of the most creative and original minds of the Jewish world.”


“The strength of the volume as a whole is that most writers did not stop at analyzing an epoch or text. Instead, they went deeper and further in presenting the context and spiritual thrust of the subjects under consideration . . . Jewish Spirituality bears witness to the fact that critical study and devotional study need not be mutually exclusive.”


“An excellent volume in a very fine series . . . The narrative introduces in a detailed and highly competent form the major documents, movements, doctrines, and personalities within its self-defined parameters.”

“Hurray! Here’s a terrific historical treatment of our spirituality that sees mysticism as part of the broader stream of our entire tradition.”
Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Paperback / 488 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 1/4