Journey to the Center

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Front Cover Journey to the Center

Journey to the Center

This compilation of Thomas Keating's thoughts on the theme of Lent, drawn from his many books and articles in the Contemplative Outreach newsletter, opens our hearts and renews our devotion, amplifying the quiet voice of God within each of us. 

Lent brings us, as Keating says, into “the full force of the spiritual combat, the struggle with what we want to do and feel we should do, and our incredible inability to carry it out” (from Journey to the Center, "Ash Wednesday").

Our spiritual journey, especially in the time of Lent involves repentance, which as Keating describes, is not so much feeling sorry for the past, but changing the way we look for happiness. The powerful passages offered here support us to change ourselves so that we can contain the “new wine” of revelation.

A wonderful companion for releasing the soul from the bondage of the false self and claiming the truth of God.

Paperback / 120 pages
Dimensions: 5 1/8 x 7 1/2