The Little Monk

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Front Cover of The Little Monk

The Little Monk

Wisdom from a Little Friend of Big Faith

An international bestseller, The Little Monk, offers nuggets of wisdom—little aphorisms that reveal great truths. Sometimes surprising or humorous and always down-to-earth, Madeleine Delbrel’s classic will lend strength to the faithful and bring joy and perspective to the weary.

In English for the first time, this delightful collection of simple reflections yields humorous insights into the humbling aspects of our spiritual journeys.

The Little Monk, a Christian who always tries his best and makes every effort to get along with his fellow humans and with God, can still be sidetracked and make mistakes. In these gentle notes to himself the Little Monk steadies his anxious heart and stays honest; these reminders help get him back on track.

Nurture patience with the Little Monk in yourself with this lovely volume.

Paperback / 120 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 6