Love One Another

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Love One Another

Catholic Reflections on Sustaining Marriages Today

For married Catholics Love One Another offers a distinctively Catholic approach to marriage, reflecting on: Biblical foundations; lessons from our cultural situation and history; and the spiritual and moral dimensions of married life. “A rich and rewarding read.” —Barbara Dafoe Whitehead

The essays in this volume offer a look at the challenges facing married Catholics today and also present resources from Christian tradition that can help couples and families forge a long and satisfying relationship with one another, with children, and with the communities of the Church and society. This examination provides an exploration of the distinctively Catholic approach to marriage—that is, as rooted in a particular way of thinking about God, human love, and the community—as well as an analysis of how married people negotiate life in the 21st century United States. Written by eminent scholars who are themselves married Catholics, striving to articulate a Catholic approach to marriage, this reference also takes a close look at specific populations within the church that merit particular attention in the marriage ministry, including interfaith marriages.

Reviews and endorsements

“These highly interesting essays, written by so many articulate and passionate committed persons, are timely, informative, and a joy to read. The central issues of these volumes are of such critical importance for the Church today that one can only pray that these studies will trigger further sustained conversation, and God willing, serve as a catalyst for real action.”
Lawrence S. Cunningham, John A. O’Brien, Professor of Theology, The University of Notre Dame


“A rich and rewarding read. Love One Another draws on theological, social scientific and practical insights into marriage as a sacrament and a lived experience for today’s Catholics. The editors and contributors, all married themselves, offer a searching analysis of the contemporary challenges facing the married and soon-to-be-married, and they combine their critique with an appreciation for the rich resources of the Church as a community and as a spiritual nurturer of married life.”
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, author of The Divorce Culture: Rethinking Our Commitment to Marriage and Family

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