The Many Faces of the Church

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Front Cover of The Many Faces of the Church

The Many Faces of the Church

A Study in New Testament Ecclesiology

Written for students of theology, pastors, and pastoral workers, this book offers a comprehensive examination of the origins of the first Christian churches, with special attention to the different theological insights and contributions of the various New Testament books.

“Ultimately the New Testament is a mosaic of different images of the church, not only in the various metaphors that are used to describe communities of believers but also in the different ways that the inspired authors experienced and spoke of the church. By focusing on the Pauline epistles, the Gospels and Acts, the author covers the most familiar liturgical texts. But he asks readers to reflect on the historical and social context of each writing. As a result, such big issues as the role of women, the forms of worship, church offices and apostolic (or Petrine) leadership are discussed in every chapter.”
Pheme Perkins, America magazine.

Reviews and endorsements

"Clear, comprehensive, and balanced, The Many Faces of the Church is an invaluable resource for specialists and intelligent non-specialists alike. It serves as a healthy reminder that there is room for more than one ecclesiology in the Church today, just as was the case in the New Testament itself. This book is highly recommended for courses on the Church in university, college, seminary, and adult education settings."
Rev. Richard P. McBrien, Crowley-O'Brien Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame, and author of the best-selling Catholicism

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