Medicine Wheels

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Front cover of Medicine Wheels

Medicine Wheels

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

This illuminating guide to the Native American ritual of the Medicine Wheel makes an ancient spiritual practice available to everyone, Indian and non-Indian alike. It is a ritual grounded in the earth of daily experience yet open to the sky of transcendence.

The book also sheds light on non-Indian "medicine wheel” — visions and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and other spiritual ways — that bear uncanny resemblances to the Medicine Wheel.“For Roy I. Wilson, a retired Methodist Pastor, native of the Yakima Reservation, and the traditional spiritual leader of the Cowlitz Indian tribe, Jesus was an Indian before there was a thing called ‘Church.’ The result of his melding of the spirit of his two cultures has a very private, very intimate voice that invites the Native American, the Jew and the Christian to examine the web of connectedness between their faiths.”—Publishers Weekly

Paperback / 168 pages
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4