The New Life Fasting Guide

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The New Life Fasting Guide

The New Life Fasting Guide

Seven Days to a Healthier, Happier You

Europe's leading fasting expert, Dr. Hellmut Luetzner, offers proven methods, step-by-step instructions, and delicious recipes for a renewing and rejuvenating 7-day fast. Get on the road to beauty, youthfulness, and health with this trusted guide.

Created in conjunction with Luetzner's popular 1970s television series on fasting, and updated to include the latest research, this important reference continues to be Europe’s bestselling practical fasting guide. The basic text for the education of professional Fasting Coaches in Germany, Luetzner’s manual demonstrates how to enjoy the benefits of fasting without suffering from hunger. The step-by-step guide provides delicious recipes to nourish and support fasters for every stage of the process, including life afterwards.

Fasting improves quality of life and is traditionally used in Europe for increasing health and curing illness. This guidebook addresses a myriad of topics associated with fasting, including fasting's history, varying methods of fasting, healing effects, weight loss, and overcoming temptations.

Additional topics relating to health and safety—such as keeping hydrated, staying warm, promoting circulation, and optimal body preparation for a fast—are discussed at length.

Chapters include:

Fasting Is a Part of Life
Fasting During Illness
Fasting and Enhanced Endurance
Successful Styles of Fasting
Your Fasting Week at a Glance
How to Prepare the Right Way
Your Body's Own Waste Removal Service
Staying Fit While You Fast
Rest and Relax
Fasting Nights
Weight Loss
The Brilliance of Detox
Cosmetics from the Inside Out
How Your Partner Can Help
Temptations Resisted
Fasting Facilitates Healthful Eating
Digestive Juices
The Cardiovascular System
Water Balance
Bowel Functions
Dealing with Postfast Discomfort
What Not to Do: Five Case Studies
Fasting: A Time for Reflection
Sustaining the Benefits of Your Fast
A Practice That Makes You Stronger
Steps Toward a Whole-Food Diet
The 12 Simple Rules
Preventive Fasting
and more . . .

Reviews and endorsements

"Dr. Luetzner initiated a new era of fasting. Before him fasting was mainly for sick people in fasting clinics. With The New Life Fasting Guide he revealed a new way for healthy people to fast to recharge and proactively strengthen the body. The Luetzner method is proactive fasting."


"Fasting not only inspires us but helps us perform better and feel healthy. By voluntarily foregoing food, the body is given the chance to detox and clean out. Popular and trusted, The New Life Fasting Guide has offered reliable and detailed guidance and recipes for over 30 years—whether you are fasting on vacation or during work time. The book has been updated and newly illustrated and offers a weekly overview of the whole fasting week."

Paperback / 124 pages
Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.5