On Becoming Who We Are

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On Becoming Who We Are

Passionate Musings in the Winter of Life

Barbara Fiand examines developments in the church today and draws on the findings of science to posit the idea that ancient religions can be better understood and even become more vibrant, when they can contemplate and integrate innovation, research, and cultural change.

Today, people of faith are faced with a crisis—as contemporary discoveries and advances undermine some of the traditional "supports" of religion, we feel we must choose between a seeping secularism and a reactive return to the "fundamentals." Barbara Fiand invites us to find a third way, to reconsider spirituality in the context of the 21st century, and to enter into a exploration of what it means to believe.

Fiand's inquiry invites us to look deeper and take back ownership of our personal quest for God.

Reviews and endorsements

"In these passionate musings, Barbara Fiand leads us on a mystical trail, a soul quest, from the dark idolatry of a confused Church to the radiant presence of God in the sacredness of creation itself. In her own words: 'We are gifted with everything it takes to be creative stewards of this evolving world.' A valuable resource for wrestling and releasing spiritual meaning in our time."
Diarmuid O’Murchu, author of Quantum Theology


"In this time of turmoil and transition in the church, we need to listen to those who have deeply considered the life of faith and who now give voice to 'ideas that have ruminated in the stillness.' With these thoughtful, frank and provocative musings, Sister Barbara Fiand provides a window into her personal spiritual journey. She invites us to take a leap of courage with her and enter into the unavoidable questions that confront all mature believers in the 21st century."
Tom Roberts, editor-at-large, National Catholic Reporter

Paperback / 240 pages
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