The Paradox of Power

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The Paradox of Power

From Control to Compassion

Michael Crosby shows us how the creative energy of power can nurture healthy relationships, marriages, and families, and contribute to the success of organizations like corporations, churches, and even nations.

For the citizens of a country like the United States, or members of the faith community of the Roman Catholic church, issues related to the negative use of power, such as control and repression, have dominated the discussion of power. The destructive manifestations and consequences of power are critiqued in the early chapters of this book. In subsequent chapters the beneficial aspects of power—its positive influences on families, communities, and organizations—are discussed. In addition, the guide presents a vision of a Trinitarian God that can be applied to all relationships, whether personal, communal, or collective.

Drawing from real-life examples as well as theory, this treatise explores the potential for inspiration and wisdom that resides in power and demonstrates how the creative energy of power can heal and invigorate.

Reviews and endorsements

"What the world needs now is Michael Crosby's latest book! The Paradox of Power: From Control to Compassion is a powerful reminder that we are called to be peacemakers—within ourselves, in our relationships and in the world. I'm posting this review on 9/11—a day that makes it difficult for many to hear the message that God requires of us unconditional love and forgiveness, that it's not enough just to try and keep the peace, that we must go out and make peace.

I personally need to take to heart Crosby's lesson that making peace more often than not begins with giving up the need to be in control, and that making peace with others often begins with making peace with yourself. Reading about Crosby's journey from control to relationship, from confrontation to peacemaking, is an inspiring roadmap for creating both inner and outer peace."
Joe Tye, author and values coach

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